Dawn of Armageddon

As the world is hurdling toward the last climax of mankind you’ve to wonder will anything survive. Will only a score of humans stay on a desolate planet, or will all living things be obliterated within a blink connected with an eye? Even though you will find there’s real possibility a large enough meteor could strike our planet and get rid of all life forms there exists a much more possibility that mankind will result in the ultimate destruction on this planet.

Ever because the dawn of person countless cultures over the world have heard prophecies and tales foretelling a period when an epic final battle between your forces of darkness and lightweight would destroy the globe. Where the victorious forces can be given the supreme power to rule all. Like that opening from The Lord Of the Rings, “One ring to rule them.” To understand the effects of a cataclysmic event the place that the forces of excellent battle the forces of evil we must realize that mankind is blessed and cursed the location where the inner struggles of light and dark are constant struggles within every individual.

Today, from the third millennium mankind is blessed with technological, scientific and medical marvels which may have transformed a persons existence to levels no time before realized in human history. And, yet humanity may be cursed because of the dark side of humanity. For all the good that man has wrought in the world a great deal of which is overshadowed from the unquenchable thirst for power, control and wealth by those that fail to bring the lighting of goodness and virtue to rule out the negative side of their consciousness.

When we have been born we inherent the majority of the traits individuals parents. It is through education as well as the environment that people learn how to live. Whether we elect to succumb to selfish desires where greed and hate, overwhelms our consciousness or go above the many ills of society and judge what is good and virtuous is predicated on our innate capacity to choose what on earth is right or wrong. Today, it truly is as though greed and hate has overtaken high of the worlds societies. Greed, violence and carnage together with the brutality and savage reprisals against man and nature has swept through every corner from the globe. It is no wonder then that man has reached the point on the dawn of Armageddon.

When a number of us read or hear stories of how Armageddon would occur we will need to retrace Biblical Scriptures to it’s origin to realize the true significance of those prophecies which have foretold of how mankind would succumb into a violent and tragic end. The word Armageddon comes from a Hebrew term this means “Mountain of Megiddo.” Megiddo became a city in ancient Israel. Megiddo and nearby Jezreel Valley were web sites of many battles in olden days. It was because of the waters of Megiddo that God helped the Israelite army defeat the Canaanites. This is probably the location where the Ark with the Covenant was instrumental inside the Israelites defeat in the Canaanites.

Today, the dawn of Armageddon actually began in 1914 if your First World War began. And, world leaders just have escalated global events to that particular ultimate point of no return. It is that a juggernaut of a single catastrophe after another is hurdling humanity closer toward on that day of reckoning. Questions need to be asked by each and everyone individuals. Is on that day of reckoning, that time of no return, judgement day tomorrow when Armageddon reaches it’s climax avoidable or will mankind come in person with that destiny where we can easily have learned to reside in peace and harmony with humanity and nature but didn’t? Sad to say the dawn of Armageddon that began 105 a long time ago where today time is half past noon time will not be on our side to stop time from moving nearer to midnight.