When Sabers Rattle

General of The Army General Douglas Mac Arthur continues to be right all along “War is easily the most malignant scourge of mankind.” This is something Trump doesn’t understand. This latest debacle of foreign policy and military action blunders may just have unleashed a torrent of violent reprisals against freedoms everywhere. Make no mistake the rashness of Trump to unleash deadly force can’t quite grasp that two wrongs don’t allow it to be right.

We need to remember going as far back towards the first Bush Administration to learn how the United States has plundered and blundered their way with the Mid-East. Every Administration since just has heightened tensions through-out the earth. It’s not bad enough our planet is incorporated in the mist of merely one of the greatest threats to every one lifeforms. But, after you add the foreign policies with the past 3 decades or so many might ask so are we in the end of that time as we know it? The Bible has foretold of Armageddon, an apocalyptic scenario the spot that the fate of humanity hangs within the balance. And, when we aren’t careful these times may be it.

Our leaders have forgotten what history should really teach us. For should they had society would be much safer now. We had better make haste to quell the mistrust amidst the hunger for retaliation of nations. What our leaders were permitted to get away with just to feed their hunger for much more power, control, and wealth is indisputable. We always witness the outcome of these atrocities.

Now the questions are: With the planet teetering about the brink of destruction where at any time Trump bellows his means by antagonizing whether it’s Iran, Iraq, or North Korea your skill to extinguish the flames of hate and reprisals by all? Or can we sit back and let this Administration to pull off murder? We have already seen what Trump has order the military to try and do. And, may be the top brass on the military so spineless in accepting and never questioning whichever Trump orders?

We need leaders that are compassionate not belligerent. We need leaders who comprehend the differences in cultures and seek means of mutual respect, understanding and affection. We need leaders whorrrre capable to use tolerance in bringing lasting peace wonderful nations. It is it is a shame because Trump has and it is showing how incapable he is really in understanding what must be done to alleviate this mounting crisis within the Mid-East that the leaders and Administrations have created within the first place.