When Harvey met Irma: US couple upset by odd coincidence

Harvey and Irma, Married 75 Years, Marvel at the Storms Bearing Their Names

Couple bears names of two hurricanes, Harvey and Irma

Strong wind shear at the right altitude can in essence "behead" a hurricane as it forms, so Irma has free rein to build. There's also a long-term cycle in the Atlantic - the Atlantic Multi-Decadel Oscillation - that affects hurricane-forming conditions.

Harvey and Irma Schluter are aged 104 and 93 respectively and have been married for 75 years.

And while the two say they're sad the hurricanes have been deadly, they say they've learned quite a bit throughout their marriage. No doubt the names of Hurricane Harvey andHurricane Irma will be retired because that's the rule for hurricanes that cause severe damage or kill and injure many people. Patriot Post contributor and meteorologist Joe Bastardi - who, by the way, worries that Irma hasn't yet achieved its maximum intensity - addressed the question in a May column, "Is This Really the Worst Time Ever?".

Asked why the couple wanted to help raise more than 100 children, Irma simply said: "I don't know, we just did".

In recent days, two massive hurricanes have emerged from the Atlantic with a direct target of the Southeastern United States.

The internet has fallen in love with Harvey and Irma.

Virginia "Jiny" Denison, a 90-year-old friend known for her famous "Jiny hugs", remembers the first day she met them.

But these comments-which arrived as people in the Caribbean made emergency preparations for landfall and officials in Florida began announcing mandatory evacuations-were immediately decried as irresponsible.

"I remember the first airplane I saw", Irma said.

The destructive storm follows closely behind Hurricane Harvey, which lashed Texas late last month.

It all took "a lot of patience", Harvey said. "They had a bird's nest with little blue eggs in it, and they were teaching them about it. They were fantastic teachers". According to the Times, the World Meteorological Organization has six master lists of monikers that experts rotate through while naming tropical storms, alternating between male and female names and retiring a name if that specific hurricane has caused disastrous damage.

More evidence of disruption could also come in this week's report on August retail sales. "Addressing this inequality is at the heart of not just the climate change discussion but all discussions about how we become resilient to risk and hazards".

Some of its reasoning is based on climate change.

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