A Geopolitical Game Of Thrones — The Aramco IPO

Riyadh Planning Change of Policy vis-à-vis Iran Analysts

MARSDEN: Afghanistan surge is about regime change in Iran

The big question is whether the nuclearization of the region will be dominated by Russia and China, or by the host countries in partnership with the United States and its allies under a proven program that ensures absolute safety, security and standardization throughout the nuclear fuel cycle.

Those who supported the deal and now voice concern over Iran's presence in Syria should have known that this would happen.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu conveyed the extent of Israeli concerns to the Russian leader when he traveled to Putin's summer holiday resort in Sochi last week. The current visit by the Chinese is of significance, as it could be a precursor to a hefty Chinese involvement in the eagerly awaited Saudi Aramco IPO next year. From there, it could establish air force bases, deploy tanks and divisions and amplify, in an unprecedented way, the threat it already poses to the State of Israel. The future landscape is one in which (a) Iran's influence continues to grow and (b) Saudi Arabia pursues unsound foreign policies, allows domestic discontent (high unemployment) to grow and permits royal family feuding to intensify. The Kingdom is currently in a heavy battle with Russia and arguably Iran for the title of China's biggest oil supplier, a title that Russia took from Saudi Arabia at the start of this year.

With continuous bombarding of Syria, the Russian Defense Minister, however, stressed that the movement of terrorists from one country to another "cannot continue indefinitely". What will it take for this administration to sanction and condemn Saudi Arabia? But For How Long?

Is it just me, or is it unnerving that the commander of the world's largest nuclear arsenal is unable to recognize what subcontinent he's on? The truth is very different. This can and will however change in the coming years, analysts expect.

The Qatar's pivot back toward Tehran ran counter to new demands by Riyadh, which is leading a three-month Arab push to isolate Qatar over its support for the Muslim Brotherhood and its relations with Iran. Israel and her neighbors now have mutual interest, particularly around technology, and common enemies in ISIS and Iran. We worked with them once they became the government. This article offers and analysis of the Moscow-Tel Aviv relations as well as the above-mentioned questions.

My trips to the Gulf have shown me that there is hope.

Q: What's your reading of how Iranian behavior has been affected by the signing of the JCPOA? Valuing the company at more than $2 trillion, the risks are clear. Of course anything that will affect our sovereignty and independence, we will not consider, even slightly. The FT, in a blog, indicated that China could step in as a financial savior. Though that's not deep, it would provide a refuge for people as well as serve to cut off ISIS' links to the outside world. In a few cases we have given salaries to the government in Gaza.

Why the sudden change of heart from Saudi Arabia?

Under these circumstances, Netanyahu is smartly maneuvering between Washington and Moscow.

Afghanistan is back to square one, with the Taliban increasingly running the country, backed by its traditional sponsors: Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Jack Rosen is chairman of the American Jewish Congress. An economic-financial bridge could be forged via Aramco. Russia also wants a piece in the lucrative deals to be made as part of the rebuilding of Syria.

Aramco and the Saudi crown prince will be weighing their options. This is while resistance troops are on the ground in Syria at the official request of Damascus.

One doesn't have to look far to find evidence of Saudi outreach. Trump had the right idea when he tweeted on Jan. 11, 2013: "Let's get out of Afghanistan".

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